Employee Communications

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Plan Adoption and Success

Many times the success of an employee benefit plan is dependent upon the participation of employees.  Another important service we offer is the written and personal communication of the plan features to all employees.  A team of Break-Thru Benefits LLC specialists is available to draft, design, and produce all written material.  Break-Thru Benefits associates are also available to coordinate the communications of a plan through employee meetings which may include information handouts about the operation of the plan.  Benefit programs accomplish their objectives only when communicated in a manner resulting in the full understanding and appreciation of covered employees.

Break-Thru Benefits specialized communications skills and knowledge of all forms of employee benefit plans enable you to communicate your planís benefits in a way that is easy to understand.

Your employees must be kept informed about everything that concerns their benefits under your plan.  It is your obligation, as the plan sponsor, to see that they are informed. It is our job, as your full service administration firm, to do this work for you.

We will help foster goodwill for your plan through a variety of coordinated materials including -

  • A notice that the plan has been adopted
  • Announcement letters covering the planís highlights
  • Summary Plan Description (employee booklet detailing the planís specifics)
  • Participant Statements
  • Personalized employee meeting conducted by a Break-Thru Benefits consultant.


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