Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Retirement Plan Consultants ~ Specialists in Equity Compensation

Providing three distinct areas of service -

  • Design and Structuring
  • Acquisition Financing
  • Implementation and On-Going Administration

Design and Structuring

The first step in the process of establishing an ESOP is to develop an idea of the type of plan that will best serve the company’s interests. Companies have created ESOPs as an employee retirement plan, for purposes of business continuity, financing, enhanced employee motivation or as a combination of all of the above.

Acquisition Financing

Subject to the Design and Structuring, we will complete a financial memorandum to be used in working with various lending institutions that finance ESOPs. We are committed to working with the various lending institutions by assisting in negotiating the terms and conditions of the ESOP loan.  Once a lender has committed to finance the ESOP loan, we work with all relevant parties to ensure the documents, agreements and resolutions needed to close the ESOP transaction are completed.

Implementation and On-Going Administration

As with all Qualified Retirement Plans, the implementation and ongoing administration must be completed with absolute accuracy and detail.  Special expertise is required when working with ESOPs because of the complexities with the Company Stock.  Break-Thru Benefits has that special expertise.


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