Qualified Plans

Retirement Plan Consultants ~ Specialists in Equity Compensation


When the consultation and plan design phase is completed, Break-Thru Benefits can generate the legal documentation needed to implement the plan.  Before a new plan can begin operating, or when an existing plan is being amended to conform to new laws, a number of tasks must be completed. They involve you - the client, your accountant, your attorney, the government, your employees - everyone connected with or affected by the plan.  If any of these tasks are performed incorrectly, or neglected entirely, your plan could run into serious difficulties.

We can submit all necessary documentation to the Internal Revenue Service to obtain a favorable determination letter regarding the planís tax exempt status.  We can also assist in establishing your organizationís administrative procedures, generate all printed forms, and prepare an administratorís manual for in-house personnel.

Break-Thru Benefits LLC prepares all items required to implement a plan including -

  • Plan and Trust Document
  • Adoption Agreement
  • Summary Plan Description
  • Administrative Forms
  • Corporate Resolution
  • Form Series 5300 and Other Supportive Data to Satisfy IRS Requirements for Plan Qualification
  • Distribution and Election Forms
  • Notice to Interested parties of Intent to File with the IRS
  • All Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor Reporting Forms
  • Requested Employee Communications Materials


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